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Travelling with Vaiana – we swim on the waters of an ocean – week 8 in Niezapominajka

The last week of classes in Niezapominajka is behind us. As always, it was very special. There was of course a trip to the Paradise Garden in search of balloon berries and interesting animals that live in the garden. The children could also “philosophize” during philosophy and logic classes. They used their arts skills while preparing and creating special costumes.

On Thursday there was a ceremonial farewell to summer. Before the kids were given commemorative diplomas, they presented their vocal skills.

We would like to thank all those who conducted workshops during our classes. Thanks to your participation our classes were exceptional. We would like to thank our scholars who took care of our children – you are indispensable. We would also like to thank all the kids who participated in our summer classes – thanks to you the summer was unforgettable, full of laughter and joy.

We invite you to see a presentation that concludes our summer classes :)


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